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The Sugar King of California: The life of Claus Spreckels, 2024 University of Nebraska Press, Empire Builder: John D. Spreckels and the Making of San Diego, 2020 by University of Nebraska Press Light in The Queen's Garden: Ida May Pope, Pioneer for Hawai'i's Daughters 2017 by the University of Hawaiʻi Press, "Queen Lili'uokalani's Beloved Kawaiaha'o Seminary", 2017 The Hawaiian Journal of History (volume 51), "Lydia K. Aholo—Her Story, Recovering the Lost Voice" 2013 issue of The Hawaiian Journal of History (volume 47) and An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands: The Letters of Carrie Prudence Winter (1890-1893), 2012 by the University of Hawaiʻi Press.



Current Writing project: "Prairie to Prosperity: Henry Gilbert Fenton, San Diego's Beloved Pioneer Builder"


Thank you Jeffrey Apaka for arranging the priveledged descent into the Royal Mausoleum for me and my son Kyle.  We will never forget being in the prescence of so many royal souls all gathered together in one place. Hallowed ground. Goose bumps and chicken skin merged!